Developemt of the “mediNAUTS” 


-integrated portable mini “de vinci” flying robotic surgeons

Developing novel concepts and designs for solar powered modular UAVs

personalize   customize  scale-up capabilities

for real-time…

“..tele-triage, telemedical delivery services and remote telesurgery training…”

jewell.uavs mdrs.aerial view drone1 Crew141_ autonomous telecomms

MediNAUTS are modified and customized Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) used to deliver medical and surgical assistance offering tele-triage and realtime telemedicine capabilities, delivering medical supplies, surgical tools and pharmaceuticals to support emergency disaster relief, during life-threatening or medical crisis intervention management scenarios in remote, isolated areas and in extreme environments on earth and planetary surface missions on the Lunar and Martian surface.

MEVA.SARMars Emergency shelter drone.mdrs. Medidrone_SAR

MediNAUTS can deliver and drop in “real-time, on-demand” medical equipment and supplies to site of injury to support medical triage protocols and Search & Rescue (SAR) teams and astronauts on the Lunar and Martian surface. Future development and testing will incorporate robotics and multi-sensors for providing on-site biomedical support and ability to transfer realtime imaging to assist diagnosis and basic surgical management for the field teams and medical crews.


An Integrated Medical Extra-Vehicular Activity (MEVA)

and Search & Rescue on  Luanr and MArtian Planetary Surface

Integrating innovative technology and space assets


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