SSI consists of an international, interdisciplinary multicultural team of space physicians, scientists, researchers, engineers and professionals involved in space development, exploration, medicine, technology and research.

SSI is pioneering the area of space surgery, space medicine and space health and wellness focusing in analog astronaut full immersive simulation mission in analog martian and lunar environments on Earth. Our organization is pioneering and development in advancement of  remote telesurgery-teleanesthesia, 3D Printing technology, 3D Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, tele-robotics, and incorporating innovative concepts and ideas to develop new  operational procedures and protocols for space missions and extreme environment expeditions on Earth.


SSI is focused on research and development and commercialization of new products, development of new operational procedures and techniques in medical and surgical training for minimally-trained and non-medical crews and teams including  improvement in the state-of-the-art for disaster and emergency medicine, Search and Rescue and pioneering tele-triage procedures. Our goal to develop new innovative technologies, methodologies and capabilities to support future long-duration space missions and to help sustain human life on off-world planets, such as, Moon and Mars with multiple “spin-off” applications and benefits to improve life on terrestrial Earth.


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