Emmy Jewell is an artist, creator and  innovate entrepreneur and have been involved in various industries from medical healthcare to arts and beauty. Her experience lies in focusing on building the business and marketing aspects within several start-up companies in  which she is a founder and member of the executive team. She has had extensive leadership experiences from venturing into starting her own early stage start-up business to managing established successful businesses in Los Angeles. Emmy is currently  completing a degree in computer science as well as training as a veterinarian assistant.  She is CPR certified and graduated in emergency response (EMR) programs at William Hart District and part of the Fire Academy training programs. She acquired medical skills during her premedical training as an intern at The Clinic LLC and at the prestigious Beverly Hills Orthopedic Center working with patients and board certified surgeons.

Emmy  served as an “artist-in-residence” role and as part of MWOB remote support team in several analog astronaut missions. Her interests in also lies in creative fashion, hair and beauty and  developing a wellness program for space travelers and targeting the upcoming space tourism industry with the vision of developing the future Space Spas/ Wellness clinics for astronauts living in microgravity, Moon and Mars.  She is a licensed cosmetologist and trained through Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy, and Paul Mitchell Academies.  Emmy is interested in Space and flying and currently training to become a Commercial Astronaut. She is a member of the nascent commercial astronaut organization, Astronaut-for-Hire, A4H, and taking flying lessons to obtain her private pilot license.  Constantly pushing the boundaries of her  limits  in order to become the best that she can become, Emmy look forward to seeing humans live in Space and to settle on ”Mars’ in her lifetime.

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