Space Surgery Institute, SSI, mission statement is to conduct and facilitate R&D in new novel techniques, develop surgical training programs for  non-medical- or minimally -trained crews, test proof-of-concepts of integrated technologies in extreme environments and analog simulations with testing in suborbital flights, in microgravity of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) on the International Space Station (ISS) and, in the near future, on the Lunar and Martian planetary surfaces.

SSI following aims are:

        –  to develop surgical technologies and capabilities, technical knowledge and “hands-on”skills for sustainable human life in space;

        – to mitigate medical crises through the provision and optimization of surgical care and anesthesia support of crew members;

        – to develop potential “spin-off” benefits to improve the quality of life for Earthlings

       – to provide humanitarian aid and medical support for disaster relief in Space and on Earth

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